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Holderchem is a solution provider to the construction industry, supplying architects, contractors and engineers with a wide range of construction chemicals, dry-mix mortars, specialty chemicals, aesthetic reusable form liners, façades renders, acoustic products, paints, adhesives, and interior products, which meet the most demanding building and infrastructure requirements. It offers thoroughly tested, high-quality and innovative waterproofing, concrete protection, and repair solutions for various concrete structures.

In addition to the above, Holderchem offers performance products to optimize processes and enhance product characteristics of manufacturers of cement, ready-mix, precast, concrete-blocks, pavers, pipes, roofing-tiles, paints, textile, and adhesives.

Product Range

Holderchem supplies Batimix products, which include cement and concrete admixtures, mortars, decorative and protective coatings, and specialty chemicals to manufacturers of cement, ready-mix, precast, blocks, pavers, pipes, roofing tiles, adhesives, and paints as well as contractors, engineers, architects, and owners. Holderchem is your chosen partner for durable construction materials.


Batimix specialty chemical products for the concrete and masonry construction industry include an extensive range of products that are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of new construction, repair and restoration, infrastructure dams, bridge road and tunneling projects and underground and shotcrete applications. Batimix products are supplied to ready-mix concrete producers and contractors. They are incorporated in pre-cast to assist producers in the manufacture of pre-cast structural elements. They are specified for flooring applications, parking structures, and stamped concrete projects. They include a comprehensive range of protective coatings as well as products to waterproof water structures. Batimix paints, textured products and high performance floor coatings provide great options to add beauty and color to both interior and exterior concrete. Batimix also includes products supplied to different industries such as cement additives to optimize the process of cement and mineral grinding and polyvinyl acetate supplied to the paint, adhesive, print, textile and packaging industries.

Elkem Microsilica® is the original and market-leading silica fume product, with a track record of global supply. Silica fume is a key ingredient in many construction materials. Elkem Microsilica® is available worldwide in a range of innovative slurry and powder options tailored to customer needs. Elkem silica fume products are used to produce concrete, mortar, and grout mixtures. They improve the performance of concrete and mortar formulations. Silica fume physically optimizes particle packing of the concrete or mortar mixtures and acts chemically as a highly reactive pozzolan.

Reckli form liners stand for architectural concrete custom façade design. They are reusable, elastic, and textured. They are used by planners and architects all around the world. They are supplied in over 250 textures. They have allowed for a wide variety of aesthetic effects, unique textures, graphics, photos, and three-dimensional visualization to be realized on concrete elements from combinations of the latest machine technology and traditional craftsmanship.

RPM Belgium Vandex products are used in a wide range of innovative polymeric and cement waterproofing, protection and repair solutions. The range of products, which includes epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate, polyurethane methacrylate, polyurethane concrete, acrylate cement, bentonite, and high-density polyethylene, crystalline, and other cement technologies are used in industrial floors, roofs, balconies, terraces, stadiums, parking structures, bridges, tunnels, sewage treatment plants, structures in contact with potable water, foundations and below-grade waterproofing and so much more.

The Sto range includes products and systems from the following areas: acoustics, facade systems, floor coatings, interiors, and concrete restoration. They include continuous insulation cladding systems, rain-screen systems, prefabrication solutions, air and moisture barriers, specialty coatings, and restoration solutions. Sto products have been the choice of leading architects, engineers, and contractors for more than 40 years.


Our vision is to be a trusted partner, consistently delivering excellence, bringing our customers the knowledge, expertise and skills gathered by our people and partner’s network. We provide for featured products, technical datasheets, material safety datasheets and where applicable application guidelines. Our technical blog, which includes solutions, project references, and technology reveals, represents an additional tool to support customers in the selection of concepts and products, and it can be accessed here.

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