Specialty concrete products

Specialty concrete products
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Specialty concrete products

Holderchem offers a wide variety of ready-to-use concrete products to meet specific concrete repair, flooring, and new construction works’ requirements. Concrete products are composed of hydraulic binders, carefully graded sand and coarse aggregates, and a combination of chemical additives. At the job-site, these products only require the addition of water prior to use. The product range includes the following:

High strength concrete featuring outstanding strength and durability and designed for both repair and rehabilitation works and new construction.

Self-consolidating concrete, characterized by high flowability and adequate viscosity to ensure homogenous deformation.

Accelerated-setting concrete containing high-alumina cement classified as rapid hardening, very rapid hardening, and ultrarapid hardening based on the results.

Shotcrete products with coarse & fine aggregates, suitable for applications using the “dry-process” methods produced in line with the following grading classifications: general use grade (GU), sulfate resistant grade (SR), lower permeability grade (LP), and fiber reinforcement grade (FR). Another set of high strength shotcrete products suitable for applications using the “wet-process ”methods is also available following the same grading classification.

Epoxy modified concrete systems for both repair works and new construction designed to produce high strength epoxy modified concrete exhibiting increased compressive, flexural, tensile, and tensile splitting strengths.

Pervious concrete, a very high permeability concrete that drains quickly. This allows water to drain naturally through it, and can both remove the normal surface-water drainage infrastructure, and allow replenishment of groundwater when conventional concrete does not.

Lightweight concrete, a versatile material, which consists primarily of cement, based mortar mixed with air. The material is now being used in an increasing number of applications.

The architectural concrete product range includes a selection of finishing systems for civil engineers and architects. From ready-to-use colored concrete to Form Liners and Molds that resemble mineral textures, Holderchem's primary aim is to help architects and civil engineers realize the full potential of concrete in a cost-efficient manner.

Additives for stamped concrete, when properly applied, stamped concrete yields high durability surfaces with colors and natural shapes resembling brick, slate, flagstone, stone, granite, tile, wood, and various other patterns. Holderchem puts at your disposal a full range of additives that aid in the efficient application of stamped concrete solutions.

Colors on stamped concrete make a real difference in bringing a natural realistic feel to it. More often than not the choice for outdoor pavement is for subtle natural tone shades that blend well with the surrounding architecture. Typical colors include light grey to charcoal, light tans of brown to deep walnut, and variations of terracotta and mahogany colors. Contractors seek to combine arrays of colors hardeners, release agents, stamping tools, sealers and additives to create desired colors, textures and finishes.

Integral color pigments, usually limited to earth-stone color and pastels are added to fresh concrete at the jobsite or batching plant. Dry-shake colors are hand broadcast on the surface as powders and colors only the top-layer. They are likely to be more intense than integral color producing a paste that yields sharper imprints. In conjunction with the above, tinted release agents, chemical stains, acrylic stains and concrete dyes may be used

A set of standard commonly used stamped concrete tints is available in the Baticolor Stamped Concrete Collection providing a wide choice.

For further information on any of the products listed herein above, please request relevant Technical Datasheets and Material Safety Datasheets from our sales department.The supply of all our products is subject to Holderchem’s General Conditions of Sale Delivery and Payment[Visit: https://holderchem.net/gcsdp]