Batimix Water Repellent 158

Siloxane solvent-based water repellent


BATIMIX Water Repellent 158 is a siloxane solvent-based compound. It is applied to concrete and mortar surfaces to minimize water penetration and efflorescence.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX Water Repellent 158 is primarily formulated for waterproofing concrete, mortar, construction rocks, marble, mosaic, and various other substrates. It is used to block capillaries and pores of concrete and masonry. It provides effective water repellency protection of the treated materials. It is particularly suitable for waterproofing all calcareous building materials and sand-cement mixes. It is also used to treat rising damp in basements and tunnels.


BATIMIX Water Repellent 158 reduces the moisture regain of treated materials. It increases their lifetime by limiting the growth of moss. It helps control efflorescence, reducing sensitivity to freeze-thaw, and cutting down heat losses and cleaning costs. It effectively blocks the passage of water by penetrating the pores of the treated material. It allows the substrate to breathe as it does not affect the permeability to gases. The substrate is protected with one application.


transparent liquid

Health & Safety

BATIMIX Water Repellent 158 is not a hazardous material. However, it should not be swallowed or allowed to come into contact with skin and eyes. Suitable gloves and goggles should be worn. For additional information, kindly refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet.