Batimix VMA 520-S

Viscosity modifier with plasticizing effect for highly flowable concrete


BATIMIX VMA 520-S is a ready-to-use liquid admixture designed to modify the viscosity of fresh concrete. It is blended with polycarboxylate-acid polymers to ensure concrete workability is not significantly reduced.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX VMA 520-S enhances the cohesiveness of highly flowable concrete. It reduces the risk of material separation during casting and until the onset of hardening. Its water-soluble polymers are characterized by their long-chains of complex forms that adhere to the periphery of mixing water molecules in a cement paste. The chains can intertwine and develop attractive forces through hydrogen bonds and polymer entanglements, resulting in increased plastic viscosity and yield stress even in mixtures with high water-cement ratios. Applications include all types of plain and reinforced concrete castings such as highly flowable concrete, self-consolidating concrete, and shotcrete.


Concrete prepared with BATIMIX VMA 520-S is characterized by the following:

In the plastic state:

  • Greatly reduced bleeding and segregation
  • Increased cohesiveness with fewer risks to of mixture constituents separating
  • Enhanced level of slump retention over time
  • Improved stability of fresh concrete during casting and thereafter
  • Thixotropic action, providing enhanced homogeneity
  • Sag-resistance in shotcrete applications
  • When used along with a superplasticizer in a highly flowable self-consolidating concrete, vibration may be eliminated

In the hardened state:

  • At normal dosages, no detrimental effect on setting time
  • Improved durability and better surface quality


Brown liquid


  • 1MT Cubitainer
  • 200KG Metallic Drum
  • 20KG Metallic Pail
  • 4KG Metallic Pail