Batimix Tubofoam Series

Polyethylene pipe insulation


Batimix Tubofoam Series products are low-density polyethylene pipe insulators that are easy-to-apply. These chemically inert foam insulating products are available in plain or semi-slit designs, and in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 20 to 200 mm in diameter.

Main Purpose

Batimix Tubofoam Series products are low density polyethylene insulating products that are easy-to-apply. They reduce unwanted heat loss or heat gain, control condensation, decrease plumbing noise, and maximize energy savings.

Batimix Tubofoam Series products resist freezing. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -60 to 80 °C and are efficient in controlling heat transfers on a range of plumbing applications such as water lines, refrigeration lines, air conditioning lines, line set tubings, condenser coils, as well as connection and distribution lines.