Batimix Silica Fume 710 D

Powder silica fume (densified) for high performance concrete


BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 is a powder silica fume mineral additive used to produce high performance concrete. It is available in two forms: BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 U (i.e. Undensified), with bulk density typically 200 ~ 350 kg/m³ & BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 D (i.e. Densified), with bulk density typically 450 ~ 700 kg/m³.

Main Purpose

When added to the concrete mix, the ultra-fine particles of BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 D significantly improve the particle packing by physically filling the voids in the cement paste. This leads to a more densified concrete skeleton with reduced levels of bleeding. On the other hand, this product reacts chemically with the calcium hydroxide present in the cement paste, yielding a calcium silicate hydrate gel that significantly enhances strength, water/chloride impermeability, and durability.

BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 D can be incorporated in a wide variety of high strength and specialty concrete mixtures such as underwater, shotcrete, self-consolidating, and pre-stressed. In the design stage, it constitutes an ideal alternative to improve strength and reduce sizing of structural sections such as columns, retaining walls, bridges, dams, and marine structures.


Gray powder


  • 1MT Cubitainer
  • 20kg Paper Bag