Batimix SBWM 133 (EP/180 Sand, 4mm)

Polyester reinforced styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) modified waterproofing membrane (180gr/m2) in 4mm thickness with silica sand on top


BATIMIX SBWM 133 (EP/180 Sand, 4mm) is an SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) modified, bituminous waterproofing membrane produced in 4mm thickness for general waterproofing applications. Its upper surface and subsurface are coated with PE. It is reinforced with Polyester.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX SBWM 133 (EP/180 Sand, 4mm) is ideal for general use in single or multi-layer systems. They are used for waterproofing any concrete or cemented flat surface. They are also used for waterproofing low slope concrete roofs, balconies, car parks, sewage canals, and subgrade structures.


BATIMIX SBWM 133 (EP/180 Sand, 4mm) membrane is characterized by the following:

  • Used in single or multilayer systems
  • Good high-temperature resistant and low-temperature resistant properties
  • Good adaptability to extreme climates
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance property. High in ductility and good in dimensional stability
  • Strong adaptability to base layers prone to deformation
  • Corrosion and ultraviolet radiation resistant
  • Good in puncture resistance, cannot be broken easily, has a self-healing property, and is good in aging resistance
  • Provides a strong lasting bond
  • In situ waterproofing - local application exactly where it's needed
  • Excellent alternative for areas with many complex details
  • Quick and straightforward to apply
  • Water cannot find a track under the membrane, enabling any damage to be traced quickly and repaired easily
  • Adheres readily to any sound concrete, brickwork, timber or steel, and will effectively cover corners and any minor surface irregularities or protrusions
  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as -50°C Excellent low-temperature flexibility and adhesion characteristics
  • No on-site curing time required
  • When used over construction or bridging joints, there is no need for specific detailing as the membrane is flexible enough to accommodate minor structural movements that are likely to occur
  • Has been independently assessed to last the lifetime of the structure


  • 10 meter roll of 4mm thickness and 1 meter width

Health & Safety

BATIMIX SBWM 133 (EP/180 Sand, 4mm) is not a hazardous material. For additional information, kindly refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet.