Batimix PU Coating 460 G2C

Two-component, elastic polyurethane coating for sealing, waterproofing and protection


Premium two-component solvent-free polyurethane elastic coating material. It is based on pure hydrophobic polyurethane resin and special inorganic fillers, which result in excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX PU Coating 460 G2C is versatile and therefore suitable for various fields of use, such as:

  • Roofs, balconies, and terraces
  • Industrial floors & car parks
  • Wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies
  • Basement and sanitary / sewage walls
  • Surfaces in contact with chemicals and fuels


BATIMIX PU Coating 460 G2C adheres very well to substrates, creating a long-lasting reflective waterproof and highly flexible seamless, crack bridging membrane that cures by reaction with ground and air moisture.

It is resistant to water. It can withstand pedestrian and light vehicle traffic, acidic and alkali solutions, detergents, seawater, and oils. It is UV resistant.


White, Grey


  • 12 kg drums

Health & Safety

Avoid BATIMIX PU Coating 460 G2C touching the skin and eyes. If it touches the skin, wash with water and soap. If in contact with the eyes, seek medical advice immediately. Keep away from children. Do not use empty packages for the storage of any nutriment.