Batimix Polyvac® 111

Homopolymer of vinyl acetate - High viscosity and slightly flexible binder base


BATIMIX Polyvac 111 is a high viscosity, slightly flexible polyvinyl acetate binder used in a range of industries. It is also an adhesive for wood, leather, paper, cardboard, and packaging.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX Polyvac 111 is primarily used as a binder base for paints, putties, and adhesives. It is an adhesive for wood, leather, paper, cardboard, and packaging. It is also used as a PVA emulsion for textile finishing and carpet back-sizing.



Emulsion appearanceSmooth, white liquid
Dry film appearanceClear, slightly flexible
Emulsifier typeNonionic
Stabilizing agentPolyvinyl Alcohol
PlasticizerDibutyl Phthalate
Plasticizer content [% on total]1
pH at 25°C5 ± 1
Density at 25°C [g/cm3]1.07 ± 0.02
Dry solids content [%]50 ± 1

Typical Properties

Viscosity [cP, Brookfield RVT sp7 at 5 rpm, 25°C]70,000 ± 10,000
Avg. particle size [µm]≤ 2
Free monomer [%]≤ 0.5
Grit content at 200 µm [%]≤ 0.1
Min. film-forming temperature [°C]12
Glass transition temperature [°C]30 ± 2
Mechanical stabilityExcellent


  • 50 KG Drum
  • 125 KG Drum

Health & Safety

This product is water-based and non-toxic under normal conditions.