Batimix Pervious Concrete 501

Ready-to-use highly permeable pervious concrete


BATIMIX Pervious Concrete 501 is a ready-to-use special type of concrete. It exhibits high porosity for flatwork applications, which results from the highly interconnected void content. This porosity allows water and other sources to pass and precipitate through it.

It is made from Type I Portland cement and carefully-graded coarse aggregates and selected additives such as plasticizing and water-retaining agents.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX Pervious Concrete 501 is ideal for pedestrian walkways and greenhouse areas. It is ready-to-use. It is particularly suitable for use in areas with difficult accessibility to construction crews and equipment.


BATIMIX Pervious Concrete 501 has the following characteristics:

  • Ready-to-use, ensuring consistent properties of the fresh and hardened product
  • Reduced bleeding and segregation
  • Improved dimensional compatibility (shrinkage, expansion, and creep)
  • Good degree of adhesion/bond to the existing substrate
  • High water and other sources penetration
  • Reduced density of the hardened product, thus reducing the overall structure’s weight




  • 1MT Cubitainer
  • 25KG Paper Bag

Health & Safety

BATIMIX Pervious Concrete 501 contains cement and thus is irritating to the eyes and skin. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Wear suitable gloves. For further information, kindly refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.