Batimix MC-WPR Series

Grinding aids for masonry and mortar cements, water-repellents


BATIMIX MC-WPR Series products are carefully formulated aqueous solutions blended with stearate chemicals. They are inter-ground with clinker and other raw materials to produce masonry cement (ASTM C 91) and mortar cement (ASTM C 1329).

These products improve air entrainment and provide important performance benefits such as water-repellency, workability, board-life, and water retention. They enhance the efficiency of grinding by reducing the surface energy forces, which cause agglomeration. They are effective in both open and closed circuit cement mills.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX MC-WPR Series products are used for the grinding of Portland, masonry, and mortar cement. They are suitable for white and gray cement.


BATIMIX WPR Series products are easy and safe to handle. They help achieve the following performances:

  • increased mill output at same-cement fineness,
  • enhanced grain size distribution for optimized initial and final strengths of cement,
  • improved water repellency for a given water-cement ratio, and
  • reduced water permeability, capillary suction, and moisture transfer.



Health & Safety

BATIMIX MC-WPR Series may be irritant to the skin and eyes. If accidentally spilled onto the skin, wash immediately with soap and water. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, flush with plenty of water and consult a physician. For additional information, kindly refer to the corresponding MSDS.