Batimix ILS-150 Matt

Vinyl latex interior paint - Matt, light shade colors


BATIMIX ILS-150 Matt is a premium quality vinyl latex paint. It provides a high-quality finish that can be washed clean with soap and water. It creates a decorative and protective surface. It is available in various light shade colors.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX ILS-150 Matt paint is mainly used indoors on living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, drywalls, ceilings, and previously painted surfaces.


Batimix ILS-150 Matt paint has the following characteristics:

  • An attractive, washable matt finish
  • Exceptionally easy to apply
  • Fast, simple clean up with minimum wet rubbing
  • Superior spatter resistance for application by roller
  • Offers exceptional hiding and sealing
  • Resistant to soaps, detergents, and household cleaners




  • 1 U.S. Gallon-Paint
  • 5 U.S. Gallons-Paint