Batimix HWR WG7-V1

High-range water reducing and flow enhancing admixture for shotcrete


BATIMIX HWR WG7-V1 is a liquid high-range water-reducing (superplasticizer) admixture for shotcrete based on high-grade naphthalene sulfonate and carefully selected chemical materials.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX HWR WG7-V1 is designed to significantly improve shotcrete workability and allow an effective reduction in the free water content. It functions by electrostatic repulsion resulting in a powerful dispersion of the fine cementitious particles in the shotcrete mix. The deflocculation allows specified strength grades to be achieved with reduced cement content and increased workability.

Shotcrete prepared with BATIMIX HWR WG7-V1 is characterized in the plastic state by improved workability, a reduced water-content of up to 37%, enhanced homogeneity, cohesion, ability to pump the mix, and in cold temperatures, normal setting characteristics.

In the hardened state, this product yields enhanced concrete compressive, flexural, and bonding strengths as well as reduced shrinkage, creep, and water-permeability. It also enhances concrete durability and surface-appearance.