Batimix Color Release P-650

Colored release agent in powder for stamped concrete


BATIMIX Color Release P-650 is a release agent that forms a moisture barrier between the stamping tools and wet concrete. It facilitates the release of imprinting tools. It is a dry shake material applied directly on top of the concrete before stamping. The releasing agent, which is available in different colors, contains pigments that add color and depth to the stamped surface. For use on stamped concrete products only.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX Color Release P-650 is used as a stamp tool release and secondary color accent on plain concrete or colored concrete.


BATIMIX Color Release P-650 is used on textured concrete. It prevents the stamp from sticking during the stamping process. It greatly reduces the need for a touch-up. The color release is chosen so that it accents the base color. It allows for a rich-looking antique effect to be achieved. The darker color, which is applied on top of the color hardener, recesses into grout lines and deeper textures.

Health & Safety

BATIMIX Color Release P-650 is not a hazardous material. It should not be swallowed or allowed to come into contact with skin and eyes. Suitable dust masks should be worn. For additional information, kindly refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet.