Batimix Blend Cement 720

Ready-to-use high strength binder for concrete


BATIMIX Blend Cement 720 is a ready-to-use binder composed of Type I Portland cement and silica fume. It is used to produce concrete with enhanced performance characteristics.

Main Purpose

Concrete made with BATIMIX Blend Cement 720 exhibits significantly improved particle packing as the ultra-fine particles of silica fume physically fill the voids in the cement paste. This yields a more densified concrete skeleton with reduced bleeding. On the other hand, silica fume reacts chemically with the calcium hydroxide present in the cement paste, yielding a calcium silicate hydrate gel that significantly enhances strength, water/chloride impermeability, and durability.

Applications using BATIMIX Blend Cement 720 include all types of high strength and specialty concrete mixtures such as underwater, shotcrete, self-consolidating, and pre-stressed.


Silica fume is about one hundred times finer than Portland cement. It is twice lighter, which makes its storage and handling difficult at the job site. Concrete modified with fine raw material should be mixed longer to achieve homogenization with the cement. BATIMIX Blend Cement 720 facilitates the incorporation of silica fume in the concrete at the job site. Concrete prepared with this product is characterized by the following:

In the plastic state:

  • Better cohesiveness with less bleeding and segregation
  • Improved concrete pumping ability

In the hardened state:

  • Increased compressive and flexural strengths at all ages


Gray powder


  • 1MT Cubitainer
  • 20kg Paper Bag

Health & Safety

BATIMIX Blend Cement 720 contains cement and silica fume. Avoid skin and eye contact to prevent irritation. Suitable gloves and goggles should be worn. For additional information, kindly refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet.