Batimix Bituminous Coating 720-WM

Bituminous rubber-modified, water based, elastomeric liquid membrane


BATIMIX Bituminous Coating 720-WM is a ready-to-use bitumen-rubber modified, water-based, environmentally friendly single-component, liquid membrane. It incorporates elastomeric additives that are used for water and damp insulation. Upon the water it contains evaporating,it adheres firmly to applied surfaces and forms an elastic waterproof layer.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX Bituminous Coating 720-WM is used to insulate from water both horizontal and vertical applications, in building bases, underground storehouses, and basements. Applied cold, it does not require thinning or heating. It is suitable for interior applications, as it does not contain any toxic nor flammable material. It is particularly recommended for the insulation of wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies. It covers capillary cracks and provides permanent elasticity.


BATIMIX Bituminous Coating 720-WM mixtures are characterized by the following :

  • Cold applied; it does not require heating or thinning.

  • Ready-to-use

  • Provides a seamless insulation layer

  • Suitable for interior applications as non-toxic and non-flammable

  • Water-based, environmentally friendly

  • Adheres perfectly to all kind of surfaces, even if moist

  • Covers capillary cracks

  • Provides permanent elasticity.


Liquid form is petrol color, dry form is black

Health & Safety

BATIMIX Bituminous Coating 720-WM is not a hazardous material. However, it should not be swallowed or allowed to come into contact with skin and eyes. Suitable gloves and goggles should be worn. For additional information, kindly refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet.