Batimix ASR Treatment 655

Penetrating sealer for alkali-silica reaction treatment


BATIMIX ASR Treatment 655 is a lithium-based admixture used to minimize the alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) that may occur in concrete.

Main Purpose

An Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) occurs between reactive silica in aggregates used to make concrete and alkalis, sodium or potassium, present in the concrete. The reaction causes the formation of a gel that absorbs water and swells. It exerts internal pressure that can lead to cracking and premature deterioration of the concrete.

BATIMIX ASR Treatment 655 provides maximum protection against ASR. It is used for plain and reinforced concrete, precast, prestressed, and architectural concrete. It does not require using low-alkali cement. The product does not affect concrete adversely.

It is primarily used in highways, bridges, piers and docks, airport runways, water treatment facilities, and industrial and commercial buildings.


BATIMIX ASR Treatment 655 is used with different types of pozzolans to prevent and mitigate alkali-silica reaction (ASR) expansion and cracking. It allows the use of locally available aggregates. It eliminates ASR-induced popouts, increasing the durability and life span of concrete structures. It is easy to use and has no adverse effect on plastic and hardened concrete properties.


Actual dosage should be determined by performance testing. Assuming a 300kgs/m3 cement content, a 0.6% alkali content of the cement, and an indicative dosage rate of around 4.6 liter per kg of sodium equivalent supplied by the cement, the dosage rate per cubic meter would be as follows: L/m3= 300 x 0.6 x 4.6/100, reducing the water by 0.85 liter for each liter of admixture added to keep the same water cement ratio.