Batimix Anti-Corrosion 620

Corrosion inhibiting admixture for concrete


BATIMIX Anti-Corrosion 620 is a calcium nitrite liquid admixture that inhibits corrosion of steel reinforcements embedded in concrete. It is blended with set-retarding chemicals to offset any acceleration that may occur due to calcium nitrite.

Main Purpose

In normal circumstances, the high alkalinity of concrete leads to the formation of a passivating layer that protects steel rebars from corrosion. However, such a passive ferric oxide layer may be damaged by the presence of chlorides, which damage when combined with moisture and oxygen results in cracking, spalling, and failure of concrete structural elements.

BATIMIX Anti-Corrosion 620 is designed to chemically oxidize the steel to inhibit corrosion and rust formation. When used at recommended dosage rates, it prevents ferrous chloride complex formation by reacting with defective ferrous oxide ions prior to chloride attack, reforming the passivating layer. Nitrite ions surround the defective ferrous oxide ions and convert them to more stable ferric ion species less susceptible to corrosion.

BATIMIX Anti-Corrosion 620 is applied to newcast and repaired structures that are potentially vulnerable to corrosion. These include steel-reinforced, precast, pre-stressed, and post-tensioned concrete.


Concrete prepared with BATIMIX Anti-Corrosion 620 is characterized by the following:

In the plastic state:

  • Normal setting rates under moderate temperatures
  • No detrimental effect on workability or strength

In the hardened state:

  • Reduced potential for corrosion and rust formation
  • Chemically inhibits the corrosion process
  • Longer concrete service life and better surface quality


Whitish liquid


  • 1MT Cubitainer
  • 200KG Metallic Drum
  • 20KG Metallic Pail
  • 4KG Metallic Pail

Health & Safety

BATIMIX Anti-Corrosion 620 is not considered a hazardous product. However, it should not be swallowed or allowed to come into contact with skin and eyes. Suitable gloves and goggles should be worn. For additional information, kindly refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet.