Batimix AC Series

Set-accelerating additives for Portland and masonry cements


BATIMIX AC Series products are aqueous solutions used in the manufacture of Portland and masonry types of cement. They reduce the initial and final setting times of cement. They enhance the hydration of cement's main chemical compounds. Homogeneous mixes with less bleeding and segregation may thus be obtained. These products are supplied as chloride-free or chloride-based, depending on customer request. They are effective in both open and closed circuit cement mills.

Main Purpose

BATIMIX AC Series products are particularly recommended for the grinding of:

  • Masonry and mortar cement types
  • Portland and blended cement types
  • Adapted for white or gray cement


BATIMIX AC Series products are easy and safe to handle. They contribute to achieving the following performances:

  • Increased mill output at the same cement fineness
  • Enhanced grain size distribution for optimized initial and final strengths of cement
  • Accelerated initial and final setting times, leading to increased strength after 24 hours
  • Enhanced homogeneity with less bleeding and segregation of mortar and concrete mixes





Health & Safety

BATIMIX AC Series may be irritant to the skin and eyes. If accidentally spilled onto the skin, wash immediately with soap and water. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, flush with plenty of water and consult a physician. For additional information, kindly refer to the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet.