Cement additives

Cement additives
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Cement additives

Holderchem has been a pioneer in the development of cement additives aimed at improving grinding efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the performance of cement. The technical information published on the website refers to the general characteristics of the products' series. Products within are classified as follows:

Grinding aids, which achieve the following:

  • Increase mill productivity
  • Reduce pack-set
  • Optimize grain size distribution.

Grinding aids are suitable for the grinding of gray cement, white cement, and various other minerals.

Quality and strength improvers, which include the following:

  • Strength enhancers that increase early and late compressive strengths, allowing for a reduction in the clinker factor.
  • Strength enhancers blended with water reducers to optimize water-demand and improve workability
  • Strength enhancers blended with set-modifying additives to shorten or lengthen setting times
  • Strength enhancers blended with water permeability reducers to impart water repellency to the cement.

Additives for masonry cement, which include the following:

  • Multi-purpose products combining grinding aids, pack-set reducing, and strength enhancing compounds
  • Grinding aids blended with water reducers to improve trowability
  • Grinding aids blended with set-retarders to extend open setting time
  • Grinding aids blended with water permeability reducers

Specialty additives for specific applications, which include the following:

  • Air-entrainers particularly used to produce masonry cement
  • Water reducers to decrease water demand for given consistencies or improve workability for given w/c ratios
  • Set-modifiers, such as retarders and accelerators, to adjust cement setting time
  • Water permeability reducers for optimized moisture absorption rates
  • Chromium VI reducers, available in powder or liquid forms

For further information on any of the products listed herein above, please request relevant Technical Datasheets and Material Safety Datasheets from our sales department.The supply of all our products is subject to Holderchem’s General Conditions of Sale Delivery and Payment[Visit: https://holderchem.net/gcsdp]