Press Release
August 18th 2021, 8:30 am

The second edition of Reckli's Lookbook

The new Reckli's LOOKBOOK is here: from the perspective of “Form Follows Future”, RECKLI showcases a selection of textures in the second edition of LOOKBOOK that draws inspiration for futuristic designs from diverse surface textures.

What’s more, the Future Collection presents 3 exclusive textures developed especially for the latest LOOKBOOK campaign, “Form Follows Future”.

The new LOOKBOOK interprets diverse surface textures and well-known patterns in new, innovative contexts. It showcases ribbed textures for clean façade looks and abstract textures reminiscent of Tetris or building blocks that take on a whole new life on the façade. You can order the new LOOKBOOK in German or English.

Since 2019, RECKLI has been issuing the LOOKBOOK to present modern interpretations of exposed concrete façade design and to inspire architects and planners to create new façade designs with concrete.

Explore Reckli's new LOOKBOOK EDITION 2 on Reckli's official website[Visit:].

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