Press Release
October 7th 2020, 8:20 pm

Reckli designs two safe and residue-free formwork releasing agents

Information on RECKLI Stripping Wax TL-Eco, RECKLI Concrete Remover and other products can be found on Reckli's homepage.

RECKLI is committed to meeting the growing demands for occupational safety and environmental protection by firmly anchoring the idea of sustainability and low-emission production in their philosophy. They announce debuting two new products within their range of formwork releasing agents.

RECKLI Stripping Wax TL-Eco, a water-based, ready-to-use concrete release agent based on regenerative and biodegradable raw materials. It is characterized by its solvent-free and particularly economical formula, which allows for an environmentally friendly, low-consumption project realization without hazardous substances.

RECKLI Concrete Remover, an aqueous, acid-based cleaning agent for removing concrete or mortar residues from tools, formwork, and construction machinery and is supplied ready for use.

Read more about these products on Reckli's official website[Visit:].

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