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October 1st 2020, 7:28 pm

New release: Holderchem 2021 Product Guide

The Batimix new Product Guide 2021, valid as of 1 October 2020, has just been released. It provides an overview of the large Batimix range of construction chemicals, dry-mix cement-based products, and specialty chemicals, which have traditionally been supplied to ready-mix batching plants, concrete product manufacturers, building materials distributors, contractors, consultants, and architects.

The range of Batimix products has been steadily expanding. It now includes concrete, mortars, grouts, and shotcrete admixtures, masonry binders, mortars and grouts, adhesives and tile grouts, specialty concrete products, stamped concrete, waterproofing, and sealing products, paints, floor coatings, and decorative and protective coatings. It also includes cement additives for the optimization of cement and calcium carbonate manufacturing and enhancement of the characteristics of their finished end products; and for the first time this year, polyvinyl acetate emulsion products, which have traditionally been sold under the Polyvac brand name, will start being delivered by Holderchem as from 1 January 2021 to meet the requirements of a variety of industries including but not limited to paints, adhesives, textiles, paper, packaging and converting industries and carpet backing.

Take a moment to browse the Batimix product guide to find out how best Holderchem can service your requirements. Innovation fuels the construction business. We are keen to link up with people with a passion for building, which we may translate into business opportunities, improvement actions, innovative products, and solutions development. Explore our 2021 Product Guide[Visit:]

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