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August 10th 2020, 8:10 pm

Beirut blast shockwave continues to ripple on the construction sector

The Sheffield University report put the Beirut blast, which tore through the Lebanese capital and killed more than 190 people on Aug. 4, at one-twentieth the strength of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. (Credit: AFP)

The compounding of a dire economic situation characterized by capital controls, worsening COVID 19 health crisis, the aftermath of a catastrophic blast that has shaken the capital Beirut and a very unsettling political situation is likely to affect the construction sector severely. It could lead to a possible collapse of the sector, as according to the chairman of the syndicate of Contractors of Public Works and Buildings 700 contracting firms, 300 consulting companies, and over 15,000 engineers, freelancers, and employees of the public and private sectors are affected. It could result in the exodus of skilled and specialized manpower.

Payment issues are hampering project completion and leading to the suspension of work and dismissal of engineers. Read more about this story on Arab News[Visit:].

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