Job #PR-6/01/0004

Product Management - Accountant

Posted:March 14th, 2021
Department:Business Systems

Topics: Design of double-entry bookkeeping software and reports.

Project Outline:

The project consists of the design and analysis of double-entry bookkeeping to meet the needs of a specific small to medium-size enterprise. It includes an analysis of currently implemented accounting software (Visual Dolphin). It shall encompass the following tasks:

Project Description:

Business Integration & Chart of Accounts including the following:

  • Defining a chart of accounts that is compliant with Lebanese financial laws, including treatment of VAT.
  • Defining the feature requirements of double-entry software, which handles management of Chart of Accounts, Journal Entries, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Fixed Assets, and Tax treatment (Including VAT).
  • Determining integration points with general ERP activities such as stock management, procurement, sales, and payroll.
  • Defining the appropriate method for carrying out accounting system operations in an industrial firm (Cash vs. Accrual, treatment of inventory, treatment of Cost-of-Goods-Sold, inventory cost flows FIFO vs. LIFO… etc.).
  • Recommending a strategy for Accounting software product development so it becomes a commercially viable product.


Solid knowledge of double-entry accounting principles, Lebanese chart of account, as well as other relevant MOF regulation is required.

Knowledge of management information systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) is desirable.

Project Timetable:

6 weeks

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