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Expand your Business with Holderchem Digital Platform

No matter the times or the products, the key to success was always delivering the right product or service to the people willing to buy it. Traditionally, it was up to the business to seek the customer via classical marketing channels such as cold calls, visits, exhibitions, forums, and business tenders.

The Problem

Business expansion in the construction materials industry may involve franchising or setting up retail outlets (also called B2B channels) to reach clients in multiple geographic locations. While this strategy has proven effective in targeting relevant audiences, it involves multiple disadvantages.

Disadvantage #1: Operational

With traditional retail stores, companies are responsible for providing designated outlets with a minimum stock quantity for their products on consignment basis and, likewise, are responsible for replenishing them regularly. This approach has many risks involved, such as the risk of incurring transportation costs initially with small sales volumes, an increase in outlet credit exposure, and possible non-ideal storage conditions. In other words, items placed in outlet stores are outside the company's scope of control. Consequently, the number of unexpected events on the go can be groundbreaking so each and every retail shop needs to take responsibility of those external risks so that if the shop damages the product, the responsibility is on the shop.

Disadvantage #2: Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is also at risk; companies invest in the marketing and promotion of their products but fail to reach directly audiences. Instead outlet stores take ownership of converted customers creating an abstraction layer between the company and its clientele. This can particularly be an issue for companies with a sophisticated product lineup, where customer problems can only be addressed by finding the correct product match.

Disadvantage #3: Product Traceability

Product traceability is the ability to identify, track and trace elements of a product as it moves along the supply chain from raw materials to finished products, it also covers the transport and delivery stages. It provides numerous benefits such as the ability to investigate and troubleshoot issues related to a components or ingredients delivered to the end-user, as well as comply with government material tracking regulations such with respect to REACH legislation[Visit: https://ec.europa.eu/environment/chemicals/reach/reach_en.htm]. When selling through physical outlet channels it becomes difficult to trace products without a close collaboration with the outlet team.

Our Solution

Modern business models are quite different; they involve tools that simplify and quicken the process by providing a suitable platform - an online marketplace.

So what is an online marketplace? It is a smart e-commerce website where numerous vendors provide goods to a large base of customers. An online marketplace reaches the modern customer via digital mediums that customers use every day such as search engines, mobile apps, and social media channels.

Holderchem offers its customer base a digital marketplace platform, which has been designed using the latest technologies, with contractors, B2B resellers, DIY enthusiasts and end-users at its center. Our approach towards e-commerce is to operate the entire supply chain network of factories and warehouses using automation by tracking products in stock and, depending on various business models, either buying stock units from partners or producing goods in company’s facility. Finally, the dispatching of goods is done from warehouses through both national and international delivery channels with full traceability enabled.

Advantages of Holderchem Marketplace

The construction sector is at the very early stages of digitization, and it is forecast to grow exponentially particularly in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Holderchem has technology built into the core of its business model. The ultimate aim is to streamline purchasing, planning and control of orders, making the ordering process more efficient, thus saving contractors time and money by reducing material and services bottlenecks. As systems are developed, small and medium size enterprises will be able to benefit from additional tools to better control orders, the logistical process and financial accounting.

Companies can better respond to customer demands via digital channels with the use of CRMs integrations and site analytics. For that reason Holderchem marketplace provides end-to-end experience, from ordering the stock to delivering it straight to the customer’s project site.

Here are some of the main advantages of being on HC Marketplace:

Exclusive Channel: Promote and sell your products through Holderchem's marketplace. Our channel includes relevant audience such as contractors, shop owners, real-estate renovators, and DYI enthusiast.

Hassle-free Operation: Forget the tedious workloads of supply-chain and accounting. Our Marketplace markets, sells, invoices, and fulfills orders on your behalf while you focus on what you do best to service your clients.

Cross-selling incentives: Do you provide a fast-selling product? Earn passive sales commissions resulting from our smart cross-selling matcher. The more details you feed our matcher, the better your chances of getting regular sales orders.

Real-time Reporting: The Holderchem e-commerce system has been designed bottoms up with speed in mind. The dispatch system reads transactions in real-time using the same PUSH technologies utilized by modern stock market apps; partners enjoy access to real-time reports using convenient dashboards and configurable summary email notifications.

Customizable User Experiences: Don't worry about having specific requirements as designers on Holderchem’s platform can help you customize online experience to care for various audiences.

Vigilant Dev-Ops: Holderchem’s development team powers the latest frontend and backend technologies with best security practices applied. The approach ensures rapid, flexible and reliable application development, especially in highly distributed environments. Holderchem Marketplace is also hosted on a geo-scalable grid provided by Amazon Web Services[Visit: https://aws.amazon.com/].

Listing products on Holderchem Marketplace is free of charge, as the only fee is a commission charged once products are sold. A well trained logistics team will take care of delivery, money collection, and customer support.

Feel free to send us your inquiry to tech@holderchem.net if you're interested to see a demo of HC Marketplace.

Statement of Responsibility: The information and application advice contained in this document are based on the present state of scientific and practical knowledge of Holderchem SAL. It is provided with no warranty, implied or otherwise, as to its completeness or accuracy. Since methods and conditions of application and use are beyond the control of Holderchem, HOLDERCHEM MAKES NO WARRANTIES, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE, AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ORDINARY OR PARTICULAR PURPOSES OF ITS PRODUCTS AND EXCLUDES THE SAME. Holderchem warrants that its products shall be of sound materials and workmanship. As products are applied, handled and stored in manners and site conditions over which Holderchem has no control, Holderchem’s liability in respect of any material which can be proven defective shall be limited to the replacement of such defective material or reimbursement of its cost at Holderchem’s option. Holderchem shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damage or loss arising out of the use of its products.

Important Note: Holderchem shall have the right to modify product specification sheets at any time without previous notice. Buyers should always refer to the most recent data sheets, copies of which can be supplied upon request. The sale of products mentioned in this literature shall be subject to Holderchem’s General Conditions of Sale Delivery and Payment[Visit: https://holderchem.net/gcsdp]

Nicholas Credli
Nicholas is the CTO and Head of the digital product design unit at Holderchem SAL. He is a software engineering expert with experience designing and implementing management systems for industrial manufacturing companies, in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001, 18000, and 17025.
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