Precast concrete is widely used in the construction industry as it provides the distinct advantage of accelerating construction works. It refers to the production of concrete structures, which are delivered after hardening. It allows contractors to plan works better, meet deadlines and thus avoid costly penalties. It also provides an almost endless variety of products and design solutions and the advantage of consistent uniform quality produced in a controlled environment where temperature, humidity and craftsmanship are monitored. It also provides better water tightness resistance particularly when used with watertight sealants specifically manufactured to adhere to precast elements, which can prove functional and decorative, as well as corrosion resistant when required.

Precast elements can prove easier to install and require less maintenance in general thus significantly reducing total cost over the project’s lifecycle. The strength of precast concrete increases over time with the load carrying capacity being derived from its own structural qualities rather than from the surrounding backfill.

The production of precast elements by traditional precast manufacturing methods consumes a great deal of energy. The challenge is to reduce such energy cost to the extent possible to remain competitive. This can to a large extent be achieved with Holderchem admixtures, which by accelerating the hydration process, significantly reduce the need for external heat sources and shorten production cycles.

Holderchem high range water reducing admixtures reduce the energy required for mixing and the wear and tear of mixing equipment. In concrete placement, by minimizing or eliminating the need for external vibration as a result of their impact on the rheology of the mix, they allow for the pouring of concrete in slender elements which would have proved otherwise hard to pour because of possible congestion from intricate areas. Reduced vibration yields improved production cycles and lesser needs for repair works and thus significantly lower manpower costs. In the curing phase, improved hydration kinetics from better dispersion and surface chemistry significantly reduces or even eliminates the need for accelerated heat curing while enhancing early strength development, which in turn allows for fast de-molding and form stripping thus better equipment usage from reduced cycle times.

More importantly, the use of third generation high range water reducers enhances flowability and surface quality by reducing bleeding and segregation. It allows for the design of concrete mixes with significantly lower water cement ratios and for the use of fines and aggregates with grading that would have otherwise been deemed to be poor. Concrete mixes with lower water cement ratios have enhanced durability and by significantly enhancing strength allow for the reduction in cement content and thus a decrease in cost.

The manufacture of precast structures requires a good concrete mix design and continuous optimization. Speed and quality are essential to the precast producer. To that effect, Holderchem offers precast concrete manufacturers a complete range of products for the pre-cast industry falling within the following product categories:

  • High-range water reducers.
  • Accelerators.
  • Air entraining agents.
  • Viscosity modifiers.
  • Curing and sealing compounds.
  • Mineral admixtures.
  • Fibers.
  • Form release agents.

Batimix products are designed to meet both wet precast applications including fair-faced concrete, tunneling applications, self compacting concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, and high early and/or late strength concrete. A full range of products is also available to cover the requirements of semi-dry precast like concrete paving stones, pavers, roof tiles and concrete pipes and manholes.

Batimix admixtures are designed to meet the requirements of quality precast concrete producers for projects of all sizes. Products supplied optimize production processes and/or enhance precast concrete performances, meeting the most stringent industry requirements under most demanding conditions.

Related Products:

Batimix HWR 1500
BATIMIX HWR 1500 is a high-performance liquid high-range water-reducing (superplasticizer) admixture for concrete. It is based on synthetic polycarboxylate acid derivatives and on carefully selected chemicals.
Batimix HWR 1400-A
BATIMIX HWR 1400-A is a liquid high-range water-reducing (superplasticizer) admixture with enhanced properties for concrete. It is based on high-grade naphthalene-sulfonate materials blended with selected chemicals to accelerate setting. It does not contain calcium chloride or other potentially corrosive ingredients.
Batimix Accelerator 320
BATIMIX Accelerator 320 is a multi-purpose admixture designed to accelerate setting times of concrete. It does not contain calcium chloride or added chloride ions that could potentially attack steel, aluminum, or zinc embedments.
Batimix AEA 110
BATIMIX AEA-110 is an aqueous solution of modified resins and surfactants. It is used as an air-entraining admixture for all types of concrete.
Batimix VMA 510
BATIMIX VMA 510 is a ready-to-use liquid admixture designed to modify the viscosity of fresh concrete. When used in conjunction with superplasticizer agents, highly flowable and self-consolidating concrete mixes can be successfully produced without bleeding or segregation.
Batimix Cure 750
BATIMIX Cure 750 is a paraffin wax emulsion. It is a water-based admixture designed for the curing of concrete. It is suitable for use on concrete that will not subsequently be painted, tiled, or treated in any manner. The wax contained in the material remains on the concrete surface. It hampers the adhesion of subsequent layers of paint and mastic.
Batimix Silica Fume 710 D
BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 is a powder silica fume mineral additive used to produce high performance concrete. It is available in two forms: BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 U (i.e. Undensified), with bulk density typically 200 \~ 350 kg/m³ & BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 D (i.e. Densified), with bulk density typically 450 \~ 700 kg/m³.
Batimix Silica Fume 710 U
BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 is a powder silica fume mineral additive. It is used to produce high-performance concrete. It is available in two forms: BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 U, in an un-densified form with bulk density typically of 200 to 350 kg/m³, and BATIMIX Silica Fume 710 D, in a densified form with a bulk density of typically 450 to 700 kg/m³.
Batimix Fiber 660 - 6mm
BATIMIX Fiber 660-6mm are high-performance polypropylene fibers designed specifically for secondary reinforcing of concrete. They provide optimum strength with improved resistance to cracking. They can be supplied in 12 mm length as Batimix Fiber 660-12mm and may also be available in alternative lengths.
Batimix Fiber 660 - 12mm
BATIMIX Fiber 660-12mm are high-performance polypropylene fibers designed specifically for secondary reinforcing of concrete. They provide optimum strength with improved resistance to cracking. They can be supplied in 6 mm length as Batimix Fiber 660-6mm and may also be available in alternative lengths.
Batimix Form Release 740
BATIMIX Form Release 740 is a viscous proprietary blend of organic materials used to promote the clean-and-easy separation of concrete from all types of formworks while deterring build-up and sticking.

Statement of Responsibility: The information and application advice contained in this document are based on the present state of scientific and practical knowledge of Holderchem SAL. It is provided with no warranty, implied or otherwise, as to its completeness or accuracy. Since methods and conditions of application and use are beyond the control of Holderchem, HOLDERCHEM MAKES NO WARRANTIES, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE, AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ORDINARY OR PARTICULAR PURPOSES OF ITS PRODUCTS AND EXCLUDES THE SAME. Holderchem warrants that its products shall be of sound materials and workmanship. As products are applied, handled and stored in manners and site conditions over which Holderchem has no control, Holderchem’s liability in respect of any material which can be proven defective shall be limited to the replacement of such defective material or reimbursement of its cost at Holderchem’s option. Holderchem shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damage or loss arising out of the use of its products.

Important Note: Holderchem shall have the right to modify product specification sheets at any time without previous notice. Buyers should always refer to the most recent data sheets, copies of which can be supplied upon request. The sale of products mentioned in this literature shall be subject to Holderchem’s General Conditions of Sale Delivery and Payment[Visit: https://holderchem.net/gcsdp]

Holderchem R&D
Holderchem R&D seeks to develop solutions to meet construction challenges by bringing to market innovative products and systems, which offer benefits across the complete life cycle of buildings and other constructions. The aim is to supply customers with high-performance products to help them achieve better productivity, lower overall costs, and achieve extended service life and functionality. Research also aims at developing the Holderchem range of Batimix products with a particular focus on polymer emulsions, polymer-inorganic interactions, and product applications.
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