Becoming an Affiliate

Holderchem's Affiliates Program targets building industry professionals, technical sales representatives, architects, engineering consultants, specialty contractors, and construction material distributors who are interested in collaborating with Holderchem in the promotion, marketing and sale of Holderchem’s marketplace products.

Affiliates marketing is one of the channels Holderchem uses to bring goods to the market. As Vendors, Holderchem gets products from manufacturers and uses Affiliates to bring them to market. Affiliate marketing is one channel in Holderchem's marketing mix as it allows it to benefit from its affiliates marketing strategies and audiences. Affiliates must be tech savvy, have an interest or be familiar in dealing with construction materials. They can promote Holderchem’s marketplace through their own network of building material professionals, through blogs and social media channels, and though cross-marketing.

Holderchem helps affiliates become pioneers with innovative solutions that meet the true needs of their clients, while providing them with incentives to boost their sales contribution.

Affialiate Application

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